Inhibit E/Reduce XT/Hypertest PCT??

  1. Inhibit E/Reduce XT/Hypertest PCT??

    I am thinking about a PCT consisting of Inhibit E/Reduce XT/Hypertest but need some feedback on dosage. I have done some reading and it seems like there are different opinions concerning libido/joint issues. Basically I am looking for help with cycling/dosage on these. Right now I am thinking Inhibit E 3/2/2/1-ED @ 75/50/50/25, Reduce XT 3/3/3/3-ED @ 150/150/150/150 and lastly Hypertest (not sure when to start this..either week 2 or 3 of my PCT). Please shoot holes in this if this is way off. It will all be for an M-Drol cycle (my 4th) which I plan on starting once I get some feedback.

  2. I would go with a SERM for m drol. Add in inhibit e/reduce xt/ and hypertest along with the SERM tho, would be a kick ass PCT!
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