clomid PCT help

  1. clomid PCT help

    I am doing a 10/20/20/20 superdrol, 10/20/20/20 Phera, and 25/50/50/50 halodrol cycle. I am wondering what other people may have done after this cycle or after similar cycle with clomid. I only have clomid available and before i jump into this cycle I would like to figure out the proper dosage.

  2. holy ****. i wouldnt worry about clomid with that cycle, you're going to need a new liver.

  3. Yea I know LOL its a bit hefty on the liver, but i havent done much to damage my liver other then work out supplements and a occasional drink on the weekends. Plus every 5-6months I do GNC 7-day detox to avoid toxic build up. As far as cycle support i am gonna do milk-thistle, and NAC. I

  4. I would seriously reconsider that cycle--there are credible reports of liver damage just from S-Drol!


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