OCT E-Blockers? Fact or Fiction?

  1. OCT E-Blockers? Fact or Fiction?

    Hello guys, as you can tell i am new to anabolicminds.com the main reason i joined is so that i can perhaps get more info for my first prohormone cycle. I have been lifting seriously for 5 years now and am looking to "improve" myself further. Most of my friends have gone on pH's, and all of them took novadex or E-Block By pride nutrition. NONE of my friends have had any side-effects.All of them also tell meto not worry and that these products do the trick. With the possible sides I am not risking it without more experienced advice.

    So my question is are these good enough as a pct for ph's? Ive researched this topic to the extreme and still cannot get a clear answer. I want to start this cycle and have done all the proper research. I already have a bottle of E-Block that has dim,calcium d-glucarate, chrysin and a 6 oxo clone in it.
    I am planning to take stakabol (superdrol,Halodrol and pheraplex stacked in one) For this Ph stack, is e-block good enough? Am I really going to have to buy Clomid, nolva, or any ai?

    I havealso heard that a zma and trib cycle can also help avoid post cycle sides? Could i possibly take zma and trib on top of e-block to maximize its effect? Thank you for your help guys!

  2. Take ZMA all the time. Minimize your first cycle to ONE PH, not 3. I am not familiar with e-block, but I would have a SERM on hand in the event of gyno appearing. No OTC product will be as effective as a SERM.

  3. Sounds like EVOL is up to its old tricks....

  4. When you feel that pain in your back it is your liver get some milk thistle and pray for the best

  5. Don't mix 3 steriods/PH for your first cycle especially if you haven't ran them by themselves. You won't know which you your body isn't responding well too if you do have a problem with one.



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