Possibly Shut Down

  1. Possibly Shut Down

    I did an M-drol/P-plex that ended in July. I followed it up with an otc pct only because it was my only option. Everything was fine during cycle, during PCT, and for about a month after. For the month following PCT my sex drive was very high. Then all of a sudden it went very low. Do you think this could be that I'm shut down or something else? I would think that I would have been shut down starting while I was on cycle. Why would everything be fine and then drop two months after it was said and done?

    I am workign on getting my test levels checked, but my insurance won't pay for it unless it's a medical necessity. If they wont pay for it and I can't get clomid or anything prescriped would it be safe/smart to look into getting clomid/nolva myself?

    Thanks for the help guys.

  2. Getting a perscription is out of the question for most of us, so most(all) just find a source online. As far as checking your test levles, buy a home test kit there cheap and usualy correct. I would def never go OTC for a M-Drol and P-Plex cycle...thats crazy sh***. I cant be sure your shut down....but after running a cycle like that im sure thats the case.

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