Ive read that DHEA helps with the cortisol but was wondering if it usefull as upon starting PCT with natural test like AI's Stoked for 4weeks and AX's PCT advanced for additional 4 more weeks then running DHEA starting on the 3rd week through out the rest of the post with ZMA all the way. the reason for this set up is that's what i got on hand. i was thinkin of maybe Alri Restore would be a better bet than the Ax PCT since its supposed to help with natural test and cortisol. i got liquid nolva too or is this good enuf ?
Cycle Week 1-4
H-Drol 50/50/50/50
Phera 30/30/30/30
SUS-LMG Week4-8 3caps spreaded throughout day
Supports:Liv-52,Hawthorn berries, Fish oil's,Taurine etc
Post Supps : All above did same cycle last year but added SUS-LMG for 4 weeks so total of 8 weeks but PCT was Alri Restore only worked great but want to see if above stuff is better all around. 4weeks methly then 4 more non i know little long but worked great kept more than half of gains stiil got strenght reps went down a little. blood work was normal dont remember any bad side i had got the nolva just incase of gyno but non from this cycle. this is my 5th cycle on ph's
Week 1-4
Nolva 20/20/20/20 or 20/20/10/10
Week 3-8
DHEA 50-100mg per day for cortisol
Week 4-8
AX's PCT Advance