whats up guys..just getting ready to begin my 3rd cycle....
my first consisted of 250mg week of test enanthate for 10 weeks, 2nd cycle consisted of enanthate at 500 mg week for ten weeks. Now I am going to run enanthate for ten weeks and deca for seven.the test and deca is from endosyn, the test is 300 mg/ml as the same for the deca, was going to do two shots a week mon and thurs. From what im thinking to do is 1cc of test and half cc of the deca twice a week, which would end up being 600mg test e and 300 deca week. Does anyone think running the test this high will be a problem. Previous cycles i did not run any pct which ended up with me loosing my gains pretty much entirely, now that im older i kinda dont want to waste my time and money, So now im highly concerned with this.
going to have nolva on hand incase of gyno, but was going to run the nolva and some type of test booster like zma,trib, or even prime and powerful from usp labs...give me any insight on the test dosages and pct as well...thanks

....24 yrs old, my weight is 180 i eat fairly decent but will clean up as im on, been training since 17 yrs of age