PCT by A.I. and Testosterone Recovery Stack by P.P

  1. PCT by A.I. and Testosterone Recovery Stack by P.P

    This may see, like a stupid question and I do apologize before hand if it is but Ive been searching for the answer to no avail. I was wondering if it would be OK or lets say, overkill, running the PCT by A.I. and the Testosterone recovery stack By P.P. And if its cool, just run them as normal?

  2. yes its more than OK it will be great i love the TRS and i think u will too but it does depend on what you were running. maybe u could give us that info and i would be happy to help more.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  3. I was going to do a 6 week epi run of 30/30/40/40/50/50.

  4. Hey man make sure to have a serm on hand (although it is not completely necessary for epi) and run the PP TRS. You could run both but I think that the TRS would be sufficient as long as everything else is in check . But if it were me and I was worried about keeping my gains (which I always am ) then I would run both as they are both great products and will be very beneficial. Goodluck man and have fun getting SWOLE!
  5. PCT for P-Plex 6 week cycle

    I recently finished P-Plex with great results. For PCT I'm doing Clomid, Arimedex by BP and a Test Booster. Its been over two weeks into my PCT but I find my libido is not coming back and I'm constantly lethargic and I have to drag myself to go workout. Would I be able to benefit from TRS. All answers will be highly appreciated.



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