1. BAD NEWS...

    Unfortunately, I have to abruptly stop my Tren / Epi cycle. What do you suggest as PCT? I am trying to save as much money as possible but not skim on supplementation. Do you think it would be good to take Clomid(SERM), natty test booster, Liver Support, and Saw Palmetto...or do you think I would be fine with a Complete PCT such as BBS Complete PCT? The Cheaper the better, but I still want quality products.

    *I do know my stuff, just seeing what everybody else suggests.

  2. How long were you on the cycle before stopping? what were the dosages? The BBS product has a wonderful ingredient profile, although I have not tried it, it looks great. It covers test boosters, AI's, liver support, prostate support, and even has the chasteberry which is great for progestins like tren, being that it can support healthy prolactin levels. If your less then 3 weeks in I would just go with the BBS complete pct, but again depends on what your dosages were like, how you feel, how your nuts feel, alot of unanswered questions.

  3. Sorry to hear that bro, how come you have to stop your cycle? I was following along and you were making some crazy progress!

  4. if you haven't been on long, just clomid is probably fine. everything else is good, but not really required imo. I like the post cycle support or anabolic innovations "cycle support" its not much money and its got everything, makes it superrr easy to use. just throw a scoop in your morning and nightyl protein shake and you're good to go.

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