6 Bromodione question?

  1. 6 Bromodione question?

    I'm looking for the final answer if this should be used during PCT. I'm seeing conflicting reports that it is or isn't suppressive. I have a bottle of ALRI Restore just waiting to be used. But on the otherhand I also have PCT Support and real clomid tabs if I need them (doing an epi cycle atm). Thanks!

  2. there is no def. answer on this. all the experts (pa, dr d, seth r.) seem to not really know for sure. looks like it could at high dosages be mildly supressive. maybe. a big maybe.

    I do know, I've used 6-bromo in my pct before, and I liked it better than atd, or 6-oxo. 6-bromo seemed to be the perfect balance. and had t levels return to normal. so i didn't get supressed according to blood work from using 6-bromo during my pct.

  3. What dosages were you running? Since ALRI's restore is blend I have no idea how much is in each capsule. It recommends 3x a day (Breakfeast, Lunch, Din.).

  4. i was using 2nd gear, which is meant to be taken 2 caps per day, each cap has 50mg of 6-bromo, both a &b isomers.

    2nd gear has other stuff in it also (long jack, milk thistle) I felt fine with one cap instead of two.

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