im about to come off a 1t-tren/Asteroid stack cycle. and ive gained 20 pounds that i so deperately want to keep since the last cycle i did was wasted to job loss/moving back in with parents nightmare, and that 1t-tren is gone for good.

what i have for pct is:
Anadrolic State
Animal Pak
and the last 3rd of a 12 week Asteroid Stack

i have this dosed as follows:
6:30am: 3 DTHC, 1 Sunami
7:00am: Anabolic Pump
7:15am: Toco8, Prime, Animal Pak, Shake(breakfast)
11:30am: Cellmass
12:30pm: Anabolic Pump, Prime(lunch)
2:30pm: 3 DTHC, 1 Sunami
3:30pm: EndoAmp, Shake
4:00pm: 2 PowerFull, Anadrolic State
5:00pm: Cellmass
Shower, SustainAlpha
5:30pm: Anabolic Pump, PWO Shake
7:00pm: Prime(dinner)
9:00pm: Nocturnabol, 3 PowerFull

i think this is the most of it, and i have not 100% decided on diet yet. but if there is ANYTHING that i can add to make this pct any better, suggestions are greately appreciated.