serm doseing question

  1. serm doseing question

    ive never gave any rats a serm before and i was wondering when someone says 40mg of nolva for the first week is this dose everyday or just one time for the week

  2. lol Everyday bro.

    week 1 = 40 mgs everyday
    week 2 = 30 mgs ed
    week 3 = 20 mgs ed
    week 4 = 20 mgs ed
    week 5 (if you still feel shutdown) 10 mgs ed

    This is just an example. You dont have to use that exact dosage. Some guys go as high as 60 everyday and some just do 20 mgs throughout. There is no template. We're all unique biochemically and these are Just suggestions.


  3. thats what i was thinking but i just wanted to make sure...didnt want to overdose my rats they are like family haha....and thanks for the rep points

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