Over the Counter PCT for deca sust stack.

  1. Over the Counter PCT for deca sust stack.

    im 6'3 250 and taking a deca sust stack ,i'm doing 300mg of sust and 250mg of deca per week for 10 weeks im on my 6th week and have great gains, but im stressing about PCT because i cant get perscription nolva. This is my first cycle and i need to know if over the counter nolvadex is sufficient also what else i should take with it? Please Help.

  2. I can't... I just can't do this anymore.

  3. i would look into sustain alpha for on cycle and thruought washout period and PCT and i would also do a taper on the doses as well as a fadogia product in PCT with Recycle 6oxo and 50mg 6 bromo

    this would be best bet as far as OTC is conserned IMO

  4. when searching for 6 oxo im only finding finadex in stock they claim its the same is this true? i cant find the 6 bromo anywhere the rest i have ordered. should i not take the otc nolvadex with all this? i really appreciate the help.

  5. 6oxo you can look for TESTOSTOLYZE

  6. U never start a cycle without proper pct bruh. Never. and u need to dose ur sus 3 times a wk to get proper benefits. its not like enan. or cyp

  7. ok got it but im having no luck with the 6 bromo..? i cant find it anywhere.

  8. yeah i got a little excited when i ran across it and jumped head first. i now know this. typical newbie eh?

  9. nolva + clomid is easy to get over the net

  10. thanks man. i only found 6 bromo in a product called novatest....?


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