Trouble with GYNO!! HELP! -

Trouble with GYNO!! HELP!

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    Unhappy Trouble with GYNO!! HELP!

    I took a tren cycle and formadrol extreme as a PCT, I developed a pebble bump under my nipple, obviously a precursor of gyno.. I have been told to get a prolactin SERM like clomid or something of that nature.. unfortunately I do not have the ability to get into a doctor. Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone been through this type of situation, please help!!

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    Well boss. I have had gyno for a quite a while. I noticed a clean diet helps it to not hurt as much or be sensitive. Really if the serm doesnt work then you really cant do anything for it, cept surgery. Serm is to prevent gyno not treat holms. May help a tiny bit but i dont think it will go away completely. Sorry for the bad news, just dont mess with it or it will be more sensitive, and you will eventually forget you have it.

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