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    Im gonna run novadex next week for my pct. I was wondering how i should run it? I was thinking 40/40/30/20?? What do you think? They are 20mg pills but i can probably cut them in half.

  2. i would run clomid personally for this..but the dosages u have seem fine

  3. I would also probally go with Clomid but if you have the nolva you can probally even do 20/20/20/20.
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  4. i dont wanna loose all my gains so maybe a lower dose would be better..ive only gain 10 pounds

  5. My buddy told me to do 40/40/20/20 so i think i might do that.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by shaunnner View Post
    i dont wanna loose all my gains so maybe a lower dose would be better..ive only gain 10 pounds
    10lbs on a ph cycle is nothing to shake a stick at man

  7. true lol

  8. i gained 10 pounds on just epi...people made spawn sound like a misracle drug to gain 20lds

  9. Dont mean to hijack or anything but I read a other post form someone and it confused me some.
    If i run..
    Nolva 30/20/20/10

    Its 30mgs a day for week 1. Then 20mg a day for week 2.. and etc right?
    Another post i say it was something like 30mgs for 3 days then 20mgs for 4 days. Got my head rattled a bit,


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