Is 6-OXO or a clone still available

  1. Is 6-OXO or a clone still available

    Is 6-OXO or a clone still available?

  2. It's still out there! The stuff is just alot harder to find. Check Ebay or something like that. You might find someone still selling it for the normal price, not jacked up.

  3. It's pretty much gone. The knockoffs are generally garbage and the rest is bogus.

    Can't hurt to try, though.

    I've tried a coupla dozen places........................ ........................zilch.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by RTD1 View Post
    Is 6-OXO or a clone still available?
    You could try PrimaForce's androstenetrione. It's got the same amount (300mg) of the main ingredient of 6-OXO.

    NUTRAPLANET EXCLUSIVE: Primaforce's Androstenetrione has landed !!! (Think 6-oxo)
  5. Question

    Did I miss something? What happened to 6-oxo? Was it banned or something?



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