Formex dosing for H-Drol PCT

  1. Formex dosing for H-Drol PCT

    My Formex is in so I'm going to be starting my H-drol cycle next week. Ive got the cycle and supps down through all the search Ived done on teh forums, but I have yet to find anything that will give me reliable dosing info on Formex.

    Also, aside from the Formex and PCT assist, is there anything else I'll need for and HDrol cycle? How much Formex, and at what intervals should I dose it?

  2. Well I would suggest Cycle Assist to be taken with H-Drol. As for the dosage for Formex I would say 50/50/25/25 with some Post Cycle Therapy. I Finish a H-Drol cycle a couple of months ago and got pretty good results. I stopped drinking, drank lots of water, got enought rest, and tried to eat very clean.

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