diesel test hardcore or sutain alpha in pct

  1. diesel test hardcore or sutain alpha in pct

    hey guys which one do you reckon will be better to use in pct. will be using cel formestane aswell as toremifene

  2. well i would have to admit, for a PCT sustain alpha is way better. They arent' really comparable in that category. but DTH is great for PCT. Both would be perfect side by side but since you have formestane and toremifene i would probably just go with the DTH. You will be fine with those.
    If you just want to get both sustain alpha is on sale for 40% off till tomm. @PP.

  3. what are your guys views on pct assist? i live in new zealand and shipping is a heaps and the site im ordering from is out of dthc so looking at cel pct assist

  4. cel pct assist is more suited for PCT. but DTH is a great test booster to add. PCT Assist for sure man.

  5. sustain alpha sends your libido sky high during pct, highly recommend it.



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