Got in on the BOGO deal the Nutra was having on Formadrol Extreme a while back. They actually sent me the XL bottles (90 cnt), which was pretty cool.

Anyway, I finished up PCT (Reversitol) about a month ago from an Epi cycle, and plan on running another Epi cycle in Sept.

I was planning to just use one of my bottles of Formadrol for my next PCT. Since I had two bottles, I decided to go ahead and run it standalone for awhile. I'm on my 8th day, and I'm really surprised at how I've responded to this stuff. Both strength and libido kicked into high gear after about the 3rd day - chubbies all throughout the day. Strengthwise, I almost feel like I'm back on a PH. No real size gains, but damn...

The libido and strength gains have been dramatic enough to get me wondering a little bit more about the ingredients. This formula has the androstan, which from what I've found is a DHT derivitive. Isn't this basically a steroid in itself? The bottle claims its an AI, but I'm a little leary now of using this as PCT, although that seems to be how its marketed.

Can someone provide further info about this product, and whether a DHT derivitive can act as an AI?