Different Nolvadex's?

  1. Different Nolvadex's?

    I keep seeing different names for Nolvadex

    Generic Nolvadex

    What is the difference between Nolvadex and Generic Nolvadex

    Quality difference since Generic is way cheaper? Or are they knockoffs?

  2. I got some nolva from Mexico, I think???

    I got a box of name brand, 10mg and 30 count 4 like $20(US)(the name brand looks legit, package and lettering on pill). And then got some generic for like $7(US), 20mg 15 count(no wrighting on it and only a line in the center to break into 10mg). And an other generic that came in a bottle! 20mg like 8,10 or 12 count(don't recall) for like $4 but the thing about this one is it is a plane round pill with no line on it so no way of even breakin it in half to get 10mg! Is it good? I guess only god knows!

    I do wish I would have just payed the extra for the name brand!

    O I got them in different farms.

  3. Brand name Nolva generally comes in a bottle not blister pack.
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