AndroGel for pct ?

  1. AndroGel for pct ?

    What's up guys, I'm going to start my first ph cycle(the one/2nd gear) in a couple of weeks, I have my support supps down but am usure on pct except 2nd gear. I am being treated for low test and have some extra androgel. Would androgel be better than a natty t booster ? Thanks.

  2. If you are being treated for low test, I would suggest against running The ONE until after its resolved. You don't want to be monkeying with your endocrine system at all while you have doctors trying to treat you.

    If the doctors determine that your hypogonadism is primary and resists efforts to be restarted, and you end up on testosterone replacement for life, then using it then is fine.

    Team APPNUT

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