Mdrol hair loss and Inhibit E

  1. Mdrol hair loss and Inhibit E

    Hi Everyone,
    I took a 4 week cycle of mdrol and experienced med size bald spots on the top of my head. I assume this has to do with the testosterone levels which mdrol affects.
    I stopped the cycle.
    My question is I would like to keep the gains but would rather see if my hair would grow back. I intended to take inihibit e as a PCT but I am not sure if this will make the hair situation worse but I wasn't sure since they advertise Inhibit E as a natural testosterone booster. I was thinking of stop taking all products all together and just try to maintain a good diet and workout heavily to see if I would retain the gains but would like to see if anyone experinced this. Thanks.

  2. Balding can be a cause of many things.
    Im going bald but i was before i started any AAS's and its in my genetics, just about all the men on my moms and dads side are bald, so i say fuk it and shave my head

  3. what do you mean bald spots?

    Is this normal male pattern baldness or is it patches of hair?

  4. guess he,s gone,lol

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