M drol + H drol stack PCT questions and dosage.

  1. M drol + H drol stack PCT questions and dosage.

    Well just to start off with a little background info im 21 5'10 @165lbs.. This is my first PH's and I've been dosing for around 3.5 weeks..

    M drol 10/10/10/10 4 week Cycle
    H drol 25/25/25/50 4 week Cycle

    Also taking the following during the cycle.. Fish Oil, Anabolic Xtreme perfect cycle, Liv.52, Taurine, along with Animal Pak multi's.

    Now for PCT I plan on doing the following and would like more input on what I should stack with which being that I have multiple products, and dosage.

    I was planning on doing something to the likes of this:

    Nolvadex 40/40/20/20
    IDS PCT Tabs 2 tabs for 4 weeks
    Hemotest (nutrabolics) 3 tabs for 4-6 weeks
    Reversitol 3tabs/2tabs/2tabs/1tab
    Formex 2tabs/1tab/1tab/1tab
    BSN AXIS-HT Pro-Testosterone Amplifier 6tabs/4tabs/4tabs/2tabs

    Supporting Supps:
    Prolab Creatine Monohydrate Capsules
    MRI NO2 Black

    P.S I also have Novedex XT was wondering if I should use this at all, heard pretty bad reviews on this. Thanks for all the help in advance!

  2. bumped, hoping for some input, thanks.

  3. I think your dosing the hdrol too low. I would have done 50/50/75/75. How have you results been.

  4. Novadex xt is not needed. Nolva/reversitol/formex is plenty. JMHO

  5. results have been pretty good, gained about 12-14 lbs in lean mass, but maybe thats from the mdrol



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