Liquid Tamoxifen Citrate gone bad?

  1. Liquid Tamoxifen Citrate gone bad?

    I'm in my 3rd week of PCT, and I'm thinking of stopping my liquid tamoxifen citrate I've been using due to some possible screwed up side effects.

    My plan was to do it 20/20/20/20, but just a few days ago I've all of a sudden broke out with this rash/outbreak of sores all over the right side of my forehead and scalp and my right eye is begining to close. Also, been having bad headaches and earache with inflammed glands under my right ear.

    I saw my doctor yesterday, and of course didn't tell him about my use of this liquid tamoxifen, but he associated this as a bacterial infection due to a sore tooth I've had. I'm gonna have a route canal done tomorrow. He said that a bad tooth can lead to the infected ear and headache, and also associated the sores on my head to this, but couldn't explain how it would spred to my head.

    What is anybody's thoughts on this? Do you think the liquid tamoxifen could be going bad on me? I'm gonna stop using it RIGHT NOW. I can't take a chance of this getting worse, plus the research site worried me in the first place with its warning on 'not for human consumption..can be harmful.' Also how badly will stopping this hurt my PCT, stopping it at 17 days into PCT?


  2. Forget it!!! Looks like the doctor was problems were due to a bacterial infrection. My symptoms are gone and I'm feeling normal again. Plus, no problems with gyno! I never stopped my four week cycle on tamoxifen and tomorrow is my last day, so it looks like the stuff did its job!!

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