DNP androgenic/estrogenic sides?

  1. DNP androgenic/estrogenic sides?

    I read that DNP is supposed to not mess up with hormones except for T4 to T3 conversion, according to my research.
    I finished a 22 days pyramide cycle of low to medium dose DNP powder- 200mg to 600 and down to 200 again. The problem is that I noticed estrogenic-like sides and found my self extremely sensitive:

    1. I noticed being extremely sentimental and found very hard to hold back my outbreaks, tearing at times without significant reason (worse than my aunt!)
    2. Smiling/Laughing with little reason without stopping. Wanted to punch myself in the face for that.
    3. When starting eating/drinking anything, anytime of the day I experienced pain at my saliva glands.
    4. Libido went through the roof! My erections were harder than ever and not easy to go down. The bad is that I had unexpecting boners anytime without stimulus.
    5. Noticed estrogenic fat/water storage increases. My puffy nipples and love handles became puffier and softer.

    Note that:
    1. The only drugs I used were Albuterol and keto at moderate doses (12mg and 2mg respectevily).
    2. Supplements taken with DNP were:
    Glycerol liquid - 10g 3x /day
    Pyruvate - 4-6g /day
    Vitamin C 1g x3 /day
    Vitamin E - 1000IU/day
    ALA 900mg /day
    Magnesium - 1500mg /day
    Calcium - 3000mg/day NOT with Mag
    Potassium - 300mg/ day

    I didn't see any results for the first 18 days other than the sides (fat calipers, body tape, scale) until I bumped the dose and overnight lost 2.5 Kg and 2.2cm waist (after puking for a few hours).

    Now I am about to enter my 2nd cycle on DNP. Is anyone knowledgeable of these kind of sides assosiated with DNP? Can they be non- androgenic/estrogenic? Is taking anti-estrogens or PCT drugs anygood?

    Thanks in advance and my apologies for the screed.

  2. You lost 2.2 kg of puke... And you want to do another cycle? Man this is not what I would call something fun..

  3. It wasn't exactly puke. It was mostly water from the retention I got. The cause was not eating enough carbs with a heavy dose (600mg). My BF dropped enough, that's why I plan for a second cycle.

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