Thorough PCT after a 17 weeker. Thoughts anyone?

  1. Thorough PCT after a 17 weeker. Thoughts anyone?


    Last 5 weeks of the cycle: HCG 500iu twice a week
    Last 3 weeks of the cycle: HMG 75iu/eod

    PCT----Clomid---Toremifene----IGF-1-----------IGF-2 (real igf-2, not the supp)
    week 1--100----120-----50mcgx3/week---10mcgx3/week
    week 2--50-------90-----50mcgx3/week---10mcgx3/week
    week 3--50-------90-----50mcgx3/week---10mcgx3/week
    week 4------------60-----50mcgx3/week---10mcgx3/week
    week 5------------60-----50mcgx3/week---10mcgx3/week
    week 6------------30-----50mcgx3/week---10mcgx3/week

  2. The cycle consisted of Test/Tren/Npp/Winny/Mast. Not all were run for 17 weeks (obviously), but you get the idea.

  3. c'mon some one has got to have something to say

  4. not sure dude. just follow a "normal" pct protocol. im finishin up 20 weeks testoprim, a-50, EQ, dynabol, and winny. ive already tapered. bout to start pc

  5. I like that your are using hcg, clomid, and torem. HMG seems to be a really promising new drug for recovery. It looks better to me then hcg due to the fact that it is supposed to cause less estrogen issues than hcg. Personally I would still use an AI even with hmg. Run anastrozole or exemastane with your hcg/hmg. 6 weeks of torem at those doses is a bit excessive also. Torem is typically run something like:

    wk1:120(first few days) then 90 the rest of the week

    Personally I would also not run clomid and torem at such a high dose the first week. I would keep your torem to a basic 120,90/60/60/30 and your clomid at 50/50/25 or even 25/25/25. Hope this helps.


  6. really you think that the clomid is too highly dosed? I have the torem dosed relatively high, I know, because I got it from a research chem place and those types of products are usually a tad underdosed

    yea HMG seems like it will be an awesome addition to the "get the boys running again" protocol

  7. How about running it like this:
    torem 90/90/60/45/45/30 and clomid 50/50/50

    I want to have it run atleast six weeks because of the compounds used, mainly tren and npp and the long duration.


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