I've been on clomid 25mg/day for a total of 22 days now. I'm a 10 week "restart"

So far, I've noticed some slight strength gains, better sleed, better libido, better mental stamina to a degree.

However, around this past 6 days, I've been getting easily irritated skin. If I scratch my leg it will turn really red and swell up with hives, which will go away in 10 minutes. If I rub against the bench while pressing, my back will get red and swollen and extremely itchy. I've also noticed that I'm bloated in the face and retaining alot of water. Pretty much just itching all over the place, comes and goes. Its not a skin infection or fungus because theres nothing visible on my skin until I scratch it.

Is there any kind of allergy associated with Clomid. I've yet to find any information. Just wondering what you guys think.

BTW i'm contemplating throwing in Reversitol at 1/pill day to cut the excess water retention probably caused by increased E2 from the increase in T associated with the LH raise and the ZoClomid.