vacation during pct?

  1. vacation during pct?

    i have a cjoice of going to florida during my second week of pct, i will be gone for 9 days. will be okay if i use resistance bands n isometric exercises, or am i screwed?

  2. You could. You could also do pushups, situps, various planks among other things. Your going on vacation, enjoy the time. Make sure you keep your diet consistent. Have a drink, but not like a fish.

  3. Just remember to take your PCT supps like usual and keep your diet in check. You may even want to shorten up your cycle by a week so you'll be in your third week instead of the second. The first two weeks are the most critical and ideally you'd be home and focused.
    Remember why you started.

  4. i would but its pheraplex...running 3 weeks would be kinda short...

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