time of day to take serm

  1. time of day to take serm

    Is there a time of day that is best for when you should take a serm?

  2. most people recommend at the end of the day, I'm not sure for the reason why... maybe someone can chime in and explain!

  3. Testosterone spikes in the morning. Giving it time to interact with aromatase enzyme and convert to estrogens, I would put ideal dosage time around early afternoon personally.
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  4. Depending upon the SERM in question I suppose, but the most commonly used (Tamox, Clomi, Torem) have a relatively long half life making time of day irrelevant.

    I have heard anecdotal reports of people getting less sides from dosing Clomid before bed, however it did not work for me or the many people I know personally who have tried that route.
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  5. With tamox/clomid having 5-7 day half-lives, it really doesnt matter.

  6. x3 on the doesn't really matter.

  7. I am taking nolva

  8. Quote Originally Posted by faceman35 View Post
    I am taking nolva
    Which is Tamoxifen Citrate = Tamox
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  9. Not sure if it makes a difference but I've heard if you're on a high dose that needs to be split it's better to take the bigger dose at night because that's when estrogen is higher. Could be true or not, just repeating what I heard.

    I'm using Torem in my PCT right now and I'm at 60 ED. I've been splitting this into two doses of 30 about twelve hours apart. It would be more convenient to take it all at once. Is that OK or am I better off splitting the dose?

  10. Take it at once
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Take it at once
    So now I have to ask, for the last week I've been splitting the dose. Any harm in that?

  12. Nope. Just wasting time is all.
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  13. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    Nope. Just wasting time is all.
    What do you mean wasting time?

  14. the time it took you to take it twice

  15. FFS
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  16. Quote Originally Posted by bpmartyr View Post
    ha ha

  17. I think SERM is usually taken all at once because of it's long half-life (5-7 days).
    Most take it in the night because the testosterone is produced while we sleep and that's why we get highest level of testosterone in the morning.

    Doing twice a day doesn't really matter though.

  18. I take mine with dinner


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