pct for CEL M-DROL pulse cycle

  1. Lepomis
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    pct for CEL M-DROL pulse cycle

    what could be a good pct for this kind of cycle ?

  2. What's the cycle. Days on, off, dosages, etc?
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  3. Lepomis
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    20mg days on
    3 times a week max for 5-6 weeks

  4. i always err on the side of caution. i think pct is real important - how bout sustain alpha (or the TRS) for weeks 1-4 and 20/20/10 nolva for weeks 2-4.
  5. Lepomis
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    you're right... but it's a low dosage for a pulse cycle. If i used ax advanced pct each day off wouldn't be enough ?i'd like to know how much it suppress the htpa...

  6. Take Stoked or Post Cycle Support on your off day then after the cycle a week or so of a low dose SERM should be fine. Good luck bro.
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