Tamoxifen crystalized can get it back

  1. Tamoxifen crystalized can get it back

    so im getting ready to do my epi cycle and was looking at my tamoxifen in the fridge and noticed crystals in side of it. did some research and tried leaving it out of the fridge and shuck it up and it didn't work, then tried leaving in in warm water and shuck it and that didn't work and then i put in into a pot of water while heating it and left it in for 10 mins and shuck it up and still didn't work. is there something else i can do or do i need to buy a new one?

  2. ok so i left it in a pot on the stove with hot water didnt boil the water but really hot and left it in there for 30 mins and it dos not have any crystals anymore is this still safe to take or could i have ruined something by doing this?

  3. I'm not sure if that will be good or not, but my advice would be to buy another bottle so you at least have it on hand if you can tell the old one isn't working. I had almost a full bottle of it left over from a cycle i did a while back and when i went to use it again there were flakes and stuff floating around. I didn't want to take any chances and nolva is relatively cheap so i just bought another.

  4. it is still fine. no sweat. you just precipitated the solute. you can dilute the nolva with a little good ole' fashion grain alcohol - aka, everclear. If you have access to pharm grade 100% ethanol (no benzene = pharm grade) then that works too. Otherwise just shake it real good and keep it warm and you are all good.

  5. thanks guys



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