need some input on possible PCT...

i'm near the end of my 10 week test e, 4 week dbol cycle.

I actually might cut the test short and only do 9 weeks.

I started HCG last week, first week 500iu m/th and now i'm going to run 250-350iu m/th till one week before PCT/one week after last test e shot.

I've had some problem with gyno, used nolva on and off as well as IBE formex...right now I think I found the best which is 20mgs nolva EOD and 25mgs Formex ED. sensitivity is very mild and lumps have not gotten any larger, may have gotten smaller.

For my PCT I will for sure have plenty of Clomid, some Nolva and some Formex...I might get more clomid, nolva and aromisen, but not sure when/if I will get it.

so far i'm thinking

2 weeks after last test e inj.

Nolva : 40/40/20/20
Clomid : 100/100/50/50
Formex : 25mgs ED (untill I run out, I might not even have any left come PCT because I'm using it on cycle.)
Lean Xtreme

Also if I do get aromisen, should I run it? With the initial PCT? or is it not necessary...

I also have perfect pct/Stoked. I'll probably just save that for later on