Blood work done

  1. Blood work done

    Whats up guys just got some blood work done and the doc said everything was ok. i got a copy of the test results so that i could see them. my BUN was 8 over normal and my ala was like 89 which is like 3 times the normal amount. i wondering if this is because of high protein over the years. Let me know if anyone out there has the same thing. it just set weird with me becasue those two were high but the doc said i was fine.

    Also i had my test checked and i was like a 370. wanted to see what the average is for that. the range was so wide for normal. anywhere form 239 to 840 or something like that. i am 24 years old. thanks in advance for your help.


  2. that is low natural test. when you are 25, PM me. i know a good doc to take care of that

  3. thanks for the quick repley i will hit ya up in a a couple of posts i have to have at least 7 post to send a message. i guess i could just go around bumping post lol, but thats not me i have to find something i can help with. i thought that was low for being 24. i am going to keep my eye on it.


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