Need Serious pct help for my older brother

  1. Need Serious pct help for my older brother

    My older brother just starting taking phs a couple months ago.
    Hes 25 and im 19.

    He isnt exactly open about it but ive done more research on phs
    over the past 2 months than he has his entire life.

    I seen a bottle of methyl v test by muscle fortress on his
    supplement table a few weeks ago along with a bottle of novedex xt.
    its a combo PH (tren,original superdrol,and PP,along w/dandelion root and milk thistle)

    I noticed both were open and both were missing pills
    so he was clearly taking them together. I wasnt sure if he did
    research or not and if he had his pct put elsewhere.

    I just got a shipment of supps in the mail yesterday for my first
    epi cycle.

    So it took a few hours to approach him but finally i did, he told me he
    finished both the methyl v test and novedex a few days ago.

    Im not a genious but i know methyl v test makes epi look like a ***** ph
    and confirmed he in fact had no intention of even a minor pct. so ive decided to give him my everything except for my epi itself.

    So im giving him..

    cycle assist
    pct assist
    inhibit e
    and lean xtreme

    how do you recommend he take these?
    Thanks for any responses, im pissed hed do something
    this stupid but more concerned about his health in the long run.

  2. well thats a good brother for sure... but if his ph is as strong as it sounds hell need a SERM for a real pct. SERMs block estrogen receptors, which is a major part of pct. Tell him to order one such as clomid or nolvadex (not novedex xt - thats NOT a SERM) and do it ASAP. with that he should take a natty test booster and possibly pcs.

    as far as ur cycle... you have a pretty good pct lined up. good **** for doing your research

  3. You are 19, eat proprely and lift hard mate. Save the PH til your old as I am.
  4. Thumbs up

    Quote Originally Posted by Irish_Rogue View Post
    You are 19, eat proprely and lift hard mate. Save the PH til your old as I am.

    The Truth is, there is no Truth.

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