HT: 5 FT 11.5 IN
    WEIGHT: 219 at end of day
    bf%:13%, used bf machine at the gym

    current cycle:
    efpTest Cyp 250 at 500 mg wed/sat split
    planned pct: Clomid & Nolva

    Training: cardio every morning, marine corp Pt will vary day to day, i dont have an option to not do it. all i can do to cut cardio is cheesedick pt(slack off and not put out as hard) but i havent done that yet.
    weights everday from 11am til 1230 ish 1245 ish
    train hard 6times a week i always hit legs one day, shoulders one day, arms one day chest one day, traps and forearms with abs one day, not in that order every week but complete every muscle group. like to keep it different.
    ive been liftin for about 2 years.
    currently drinking close to 6 100% protien shakes between my 3 major meals
    breakfast about 1000 calories usually oats, grains, fruits, milk, protien bar
    lunch a 12 inch sub with chicken breast bacon extra cheese ranch and veggies
    dinner varies every night between steak, veal, chicken, fish, pork. always add either pasta or a nice portion of vegatablesf

    ran out of whey protien today, i picked up a tub of monster mass, to replace my shakes. also added nano vapor to intensify my pumps, i feel the test startin to kick in- thought it was a good idea.

    i took my 7th shot today, starting my 4th week. i havent gained much weight yet about 2 lbs. i noticed my bf lowering slightly. My strength has increased quite abit compared to begining pre cycle. i noticed middle of my nips are a little pink a sensitive, should i start nolva, if so how much ed and for how long, i might be paranoid but i am sure it is not how my nips usually are.


  2. You need to get on an AI asap. Something like Formex would suffice. 50mg/day. (2 caps)
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  3. Quote Originally Posted by nattydisaster View Post
    You need to get on an AI asap. Something like Formex would suffice. 50mg/day. (2 caps)
    Natty, whatever IBE is paying you... it's not enough.

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