Puffy Nipps

  1. Puffy Nipps

    About 3 weeks ago, i stopped my Dymethazine Cycle( 15/30/30), i started taking nolvadex at 40mg first week, went great no more gyno fear, then i started going to 20mg, cause i have small amount(30 @ 20mg) and so i started taking reversitol with it, and so there isnt a lump or anything, no pain, but my nipples are still puffy and enlarged, why is that? is it water retention or something? and what can i take for this?( dont say letro, i would perfer a OTC thing, like ATD, or Ai, etc.)

  2. a simple AI and some P-5-P or bulk-1 carboxy will fix this

  3. Formex, a legal AI. Click link in sig. 25-50mg/day
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  4. How can Reversitol not be reducing the gyno? how can my nipples still be puffy?... and are u sure Formex will help? I thought ATD was stronger than AI...and Reversitol has ATD...

  5. Can someone please reply to this, last time i checked ATD is stronger than AI...so why whould ATD not reduce puffiness compared to a AI?



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