Adding 6-oxo to pct???

  1. Question Adding 6-oxo to pct???

    Hey guys,
    I just got out of my first cycle of test-e at 500 mg/week(shooting twice a week) and gotta tell the results are amazing...
    my before stats were
    69 kg
    17 % BF
    and after 10 weeks
    88 Kg
    20 % BF
    With my only regret being not listening to all my bro's in here telling me to start after getting my BF% lower....Lesson learnt!!!
    Neways i'm gonna start my PCT in a another week and currently all I have planned for PCT is 40/40/20/20 nolvadex and some 6-oxo and i dunno how the 6-oxo is goin to be helpful and will it be needed???if needed how shud I dose it and what is its purpose on PCT??is it to bring back test levels to normal???

    Apart from that I have no hcg on hand or clomid the reason being i have moved out to a different country now and not really found sources....

  2. i'm by no means an expert with this stuff, but i've never heard of an AI being used in PCT unless you need to lower estro, i have heard of AI's being used while "on" to lower the effects of aromization from the test and or other. were you using adex or anything else while on?

  3. We recommend Formex, and AI, to be used in PCT, so yes, an AI is ok in PCT.
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