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    What is your opinion of DHEA as a cortisol blocker? It's on sale at my local Vitamin Shoppe, so it's convenient. I was also looking at Lean FX from Anabolic Extreme, or Lean Extreme from Driven Sports. Those of course I would need to order and will cost more. What is your guys' opinion?

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    Decent, if accompanied with something else. However DHEA is a pro-hormone. Depends on why you would be taking it. LeanFX is a good product, I've used it for part of a pct twice. DHEA accompanied with a higher vitamin C dose, perhaps Cissus, and LeanFx would do it, perhaps overkill even. Depends on the strength of what you were taking before. 11 oxo is decent too, but not the best cost effective approach imo. Works though. DHEA can be used in pct to combat lethargy, and basically give a boost for the sense of well being. However I've read where DHEA can have estrogen rebound associated with it depending on the dose, duration, etc. Not exactly what you would want after most cycles. I believe 7 oxo DHEA is preferred for cort blocker, but someone will either back me up or disprove what I'm saying. Thought I'd give this thread a little shove.

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