PCT and Cortisol Blocker

  1. PCT and Cortisol Blocker

    Just a general PCT question. When do you like to start your cort blocker in your PCT? I have seen a lot of people opt for week 3 of PCT, others right off the bat on day 1, and some say day 15. What are the advantages to each of these?
    Also, how long do you usually run yours for? I remember seeing Dr. D saying to start on week one and run for three weeks. He also like to taper it down each week. Agreement? And be careful if you disagree with the Dr. From what I've seen it's a cardinal sin....

  2. i always ran for 30 days. Retain, lean fx etc. 3 ED for 30 days. On my first cycle ever I ran it first day of PCT, but after reading and much research I now run it starting the second week. I think cortisol peaks at that point. Remember cortisol to some degree is healthy, you just need to control it when it peaks.

  3. Usually by week two is a good time to start a cortisol blocker. By then your PH or what have you is out of your system and your cortisol had already began to rise. Usually you run it for the remainder of your PCT cycle.

  4. Do any of you suggest tapering down the dose after each week? I have been primarily refering to Dr. D's thread Running serm inverse to ADT??

  5. i would say somewhere between day 5 and 10 of pct.......

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Kristofer68SS View Post
    i would say somewhere between day 5 and 10 of pct.......
    Good advise.
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