SPAWN pct. in week 2 and still NO LIBIDO!!!!

  1. SPAWN pct. in week 2 and still NO LIBIDO!!!!

    What's up everybody? Just wondering... I did a 4 week 3 pill a day SPAWN cycle and am currently into my second week of PCT. I have been running Liquid Clomid and this stuff called Anabol-X-Stak by Globaltek. Anabol-X-Stak I am dosing at 4 pills before bed. With Clomid I am running 150/100/50/50 I am 3 days in to week 2 and my libido is non-existant as it has been since week 2 on SPAWN. I have been sex less, and I don't seem to care, for 4 1/2 - 5 weeks now. This blows!! hahah When can I expect things to return to normal? Do I have to wait till I am done with my Clomid PCT?

  2. Since I can't find any info on the Anabol-X-Stak here is what the label reads...

    Serving size 3 Capsules

    Magnesium 600mg
    Zinc 45mg
    B-6 15mg

    Tribulus Terrestris 750mg
    20 hydroxy Beta Ecdysterones 750mg
    5 methyl, 7 methoxy isoflavones 750mg
    Lonjax 300mg

    Horny Goat Weed 750mg
    Maca Extract 375mg
    Pygeum 300mg
    Macuna Puriens 45mg
    Fenugreek 750mg
    Polypodium 30mg
    Avena Sativa 750mg

    Red Clover 100mg
    Chrysin 100mg

  3. You're not even done your 2nd week of PCT yet. It's variable for everybody, but probably another week atleast as it sounds like you've been shutdown a while.

  4. give the clomid another week. also, don't let it get to you - stress levels and optimal testosterone production aren't friends.

  5. get an ai and run low dose that seems to help

  6. Awesome... thanks guys!


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