question on Inhibit-e dosing

  1. question on Inhibit-e dosing

    I am currently in week 1 of a 4 week Epi/Tren xtreme cycle (Epi 30/Tren 90). For my PCT I have Diesel Test Hardcore, Inhibit-E, DHEA. I will also be taking all of my support supplements I am taking now for my PCT. I have heard a couple different ways of dosing the Inhibit-e. Some people say to taper down (3,2,2,1), others say to do it the other way around. Just trying to get some opinions on which one I should do. Thanks

  2. taper down 3,2,2,1 but also...get a SERM. Clomid would be ur best bet.

  3. when should you start inhibit-e? Week 1 of PCT or wait till Week 2?

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