pct worry: Prednisone

  1. pct worry: Prednisone

    I was just prescribed Prednisone for some asthma/coughing issues...and I have yet to take it, cuz I'm not willing to lose my gains lol. I'm not suffering that bad...

    Anyway, does anyone here know of issues or heard of issue with prednisone during PCT? I know it basically replaces cortisol...which is probably going to eat mad muscle...right? Any suggestions on working around this?

    Today is my first day of week 3 of PCT for the following cycle:

    M-Drol 10/20/30

    Clomid: 100/100/50/50 (i know its a little high)
    PCTS 2a.m./2p.m.
    EndoAmp (cort blocker, P. Serine): 2 scoops/day

  2. whats the dose of your prednisone?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by qwick View Post
    whats the dose of your prednisone?
    60 mg. once a day, for 5 days....fairly strong dosage, from what i understand anyway

  4. you dont have anything to worry about. 5 days is nothing. its when you reached prolonged periods of time, talking 3,4,5 weeks.

  5. really? you don't think anything negative will come of it? I may just not take it anyway, my asthma seems to have cleared. i dunno. haha...

  6. yeah at 5 days your all set bro. i had to stay on it for 4.5 weeks. that was killer. your not gonna get any sides from such a short run.

  7. a short run of prednazone to kick off pct is beneficial not harmful


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