I could use some advice fella's. I know this has probably been awnsered a million times but Im new to all this forum stuff. I just started my first 10wk. cycle of sust. cycle looks something like this:

    sust. 250-10wks.
    week 1 250mg
    week 2-9 500mg (e3d)
    week 10 250mg

    I have clomid and nolva on hand. This is what is was told to do for pct. use nolva if needed during cycle for gyno. and such. and to use both nolva and clomid for pct. and wait to about 3rd week after last pin to start pct for the long esters in sust.


    Or should I just use one or the other? thanks for any and all help!

  2. The majority of times when i see a clomid/nolva setup for PCT it is generally set up with the clomid not having a taper. 50mg ED for all 4 weeks will work. As for the nolva a taper is advised but i'd hit it with 40mgEDfirst week, 30,20,10...
    Your HPTA will greatly appreciate you using both lol.

  3. you should typically wait about 18 days from you last pin with sust.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by qwick View Post
    you should typically wait about 18 days from you last pin with sust.
    Thank you for saying that qwick i totally skimmed over the layout of his weeks. Yes agreed!

  5. +1 to me

  6. Thanks fella's!


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