sensitive nipps, up Nolva or AI?

  1. sensitive nipps, up Nolva or AI?

    I did epi at 40 mgs, first pulsed 3 weeks then 10 days straight. Now day 10 in PCT I feel a bit sensitivity and puffyness. Cant really pinpoint a painfull spot nor does it hurt all the time bit I feel something cooking and i DONT LIKE IT.

    So far Ive done 20 nolva ED + 25 mg clomid(both generic) and planned on going down to 10 mgs for w 3-4. I also do 100 mg's 6-bromo ed.

    Q: Should I do 40 mgs of nolva for a while or add maybe 25 mgs ATD to the mix.

    Change to Ralox?


  2. Use ldopa chasteberry and p5p. I garentee its prolactin related


  3. Ok! Why are you sure of that? I have p5p in I think 33 mg/tab(eq 20 mg B6). How many should I take?

    I also have bromocriptine, wouldnt that be better?


  4. Yes bromocriptine is good except its sides can be bad. 5a reduced steriods reduce e2 and raise prolactin

  5. Ok!
    So I think I go for Bromo and start low at 1,25 mg and work my way up.
    If its P-related I should be able to go down to 10 mgs nolva as planned?

    Thanks for replies Bro! Appreciate it!


  6. would caber be a better option? Can get it in 5 minutes since I work in a pharmacy dose?


  7. Caber .5 mg e3d

  8. Took 1,25 mg's of bromo and felt like S*%&%% so because theres no lactation a wait a while before turning to dostinex. Nipps a bit better today so i decided to drop the nolva after 17 days at 20 mg's and run AI at 150 mg
    6-bromo and 25 mg ATD for a few days before tapering down. Also doin some ibuprofen gel that seems to work a bit. Probably need to cut some fat away aswell....


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