tammy pct dosing for epistane cycle

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    tammy pct dosing for epistane cycle

    I am about to go back on epi again...I had to cut my first try at a cycle for after just using it for 5 days because my work schedule was too nuts. Now work is slower and I have time to dedicate myself at the gym and make good use of a ph. I had my dosing in a pm that a member sent me a while ago on how to dose my pct but I am unable to log into my old account...so can someone please tell me how they dosed their tamoxifen citrate while on epistane for a 4 week pct? The member who told me a while ago was mmowry but since i was last here the rules must of changed and i need a certain number of posts to contact him so if he reads it or someone else with the same knowledge please give me some input..thanks guys.

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