Help! Sharp pain in lower abdomen during PCT

  1. Help! Sharp pain in lower abdomen during PCT

    It feels like really bad indigestin and was manageable for the last week and is now keeping me up at night. At first I thought it was from the DTHC or lean xtreme but now I don't know wtf. Taking 10mg of nolva daily too. Anyone experience anything like this during pct?

  2. does it hurt from going from like sitting to standing? moving does it hurt? can u bend over? anything?

  3. Try some pepcid complete
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  4. I can't seem to stimulate the pain by pressing anywhere or moving ina particular direction. Not to be gross but the odour and consistency of my excrement is really making me believe I have some f'd up intestines right now. I took a couple acidofolous [sic] last night at like three then sat around watching tv for a couple hours and by about 5 - 5:30 the pain did subside a bit. As of writing this the next morning, it is still there but not as unbearable as last night.

    natty, it is lower than my stomach for sure plus I already tried cranking back a few tums. Does the pepcid complete travel the whole distance?

  5. This is crazy! I've been up the past 2 hours with the exact same stomach pain and I'm a couple weeks into PCT also. I wonder what the deal is.

  6. I know we cant post sources to compare, but are you both using nolva? perhaps one of the chem companies has put out a contaminated batch?

  7. weird
    i got this on my PCT of superdrol as well
    i was taking nolva at 25mg at the time as well.

  8. Although this is embarrassing to say, it turns out that a healthy dose of metamucil has been dealing with this problem quite effectively


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