Really would like some advice please

  1. Exclamation Really would like some advice please

    Hi everyone,

    New here, I'm 22, from the UK, around 5'6, not really a big guy, 56kg. I do a lot of martial arts and since the last year or so i got back into training at the gym, and doing pretty well as i have a training partner who really helps me out and keeps working on helping me do more.

    I've never taken any capsule based supplements before though, but I just got advised to get these capsules from a mate who has been taking them for quite some time:

    Genetic SD - Lean Mass Catalyst (90 Capsules)
    (Can find more info on them if you google it, they come up on one geneticedge website)

    I was going to take 2 of these a day from tomorrow, and see how i get on, apparently I will be seeing a lot of improvement when sticking to the training i am doing and the right diet.

    I then read about PCT a bit, and just wanted some advice on what I really should do.

    It says to take these for 6 weeks then have a 4 week gap, I take it that in the 4 weeks i should be taking something else which brings the body back to its normal state sort of thing?

    I'm just reading up a bit more now, but would really like some advice on the best thing to do.

    Thanks all!

  2. ok so u want to do a superdrol clone, having done basically no supplements or any ph before? not a good choice. start with something else like epi/havoc or h-drol. and honestly...being only 125lbs...u need more food. lots of protein and a better diet. there is no use using a superdrol product being 125 lbs.

  3. Yeah that really is a rough one to start with. You could try a good test booster like stoked first to see how your body responds.

  4. Hey guys, thanks for the replies...

    Yeah i didn't realise how powerful this one was supposed to be until i read up about it. I do need more food yeah and trying to work on my diet...the training at the gym is fine, its just the diet...and i got advised that these capsules will really give me a good gain and strength at the gym. I'm glad i read up about it once i got home.

  5. I think the point everyone is missing is that what you are suggesting taking is actually a steroid. Steroids are not something that you should just take. It can take at least a year or so of gaining knowlage on compounds, side effects, support supplements etc before most people feel they are well prepared enough to take this step. Without this knowlage you can do yourself a lot of harm.
    Read through this forum, there is a lot of info on non-steroidal/non-hormonal supplements , training and nutrition that will benifit you much more at the moment than Genetic SD will. ;-)

  6. Hmm thanks for the reply...

    Well yeah it seems as though I would have taken these without knowing too much, but as soon as i got home from getting them of my friend i had a google on the, and tried to find out as much as i could. Then read on about PCT and then read on side-effects and started to get more worried. I didn't want to get into something then have an effect i have no idea what to do about....and having no idea what the long term effects could be.

    This was suggested to be for a quick gain and strength in the gym, and heard it was really strong stuff though. But i've never taken anything like this before...only some Maximuscle Pro-gain shakes...which doesn't compare to anything like this I take it.

  7. Hey, i was just wondering, but would it be worth me getting some more Periactin tablets? It increases your appitite a lot, i had a family friend who was a doctor prescribe me some like over a year ago, and was thinking i should get some more. Anyone know much about this?

    (Periactin 4mg tablets, 3 tabs per day)


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