Super Mastervol PCT

  1. Super Mastervol PCT

    :dl:Hi to all fellow body builders.

    I had not posted in a long time, as I was taking some time off due to shoulder problems. After resting for a LONG time, my shoulder has not been giving me any problems so I have gotten back to the gym. I have been working out for 2 painless months or so (knock on wood!).

    Here is a question for all of you...

    I had purchased Super Mastervol, Arom-X, 4-AD and Perfect Cycle (Liver support) so I don't want to have wasted that money.

    How should I run this? Do I have a good enough PCT? What to keep? What to get?

    This would be my first cycle with anything. I am 30 years old, 6'4 205 lbs. I have built myself up to 17" biceps and decent chest and back size, but I always hit a limit I haven't been able to surpass (even before the shoulder injury)

    Thanks in advance for your input


  2. Smile

    i may be of some assistance can you give me doses?

  3. Well, it says on the bottle of Super Mastervol to take it at 1 capsule 3 times a day, same for the Perfect Cycle. The 4-AD and Arom-X same thing. I know I can't be taking all at the same time, as I have read in other places that the Arom-X is for PCT because it is an anti-estrogen.

  4. So I went ahead with the Super Mastervol, 4-AD and the Perfect Cycle. I am almost three weeks in and so far I have gained 5 lbs of muscle. I got some Nolvadex which I am going to mix with the Arom-X for my PCT.


    What's the best dosage for the Nolvadex and how many times/when should I take it?

    I have read 20/20/20/20 and to take it right before going to sleep. Is this fine?

    Note: I have experienced sack shrink lol, so I am really hoping the Nolva and the Arom-X give me adult nuts back lmao



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