ready to start my pct

  1. ready to start my pct

    O.k. Ready to start my pct. This is what I am going to use. Tell me if its cool

    Clomid (don't know which doses to take) it looks like its a spray and says its 1500mg and 30 mL. Is this enough

    Also I know 6 OXO is discontinued so I was going to run I Force Reversitol instead.

    Also with my Cycle Support that I have been running the last four weeks with my Decabolen cycle. Does everything look o.k?

    Thanks for the help and advice.

  2. Dude you should have had your PCT planed out before you went on cycle, let alone had all your stuff on hand.. do your research on the front end, so you know how not to screw yourself up... this is serious stuff, your health is at risk..
    Here you go with some info.. your recovery and health are at stake..

    Your Clomid is liquid not spray.. the math shows it's 50mgs per 1 ML of dose...
    Get a oral syringe that reads in ML's so you can measure your dose.. put some water in your mouth and shoot the clomid in and swallow.. the clomid is nasty, so this helps keep it from burning on the way down.. dose your clomid at night before bed..

    Here is a quickie PCT
    Clomid for 4 weeks.. 100mg ED/ 100mg ED / 50mg ED / 50mg ED
    AI product ran inverse to your SERM then tapered ( as you drop the SERM raise the AI dose, after the SERM is down taper the AI off for 2 more weeks, this is to try to prevent rebound gyno)
    Cortisol blocker ( guys run it from day one of PCT of start it the begining of week 3, pick one..
    Natty test booster ( lots of ways guys run it.. try running it week 4-7, or search for a diff way)
    Also try search for thesinners thread "no excuses a **** guide to PCT" her on AM..
    also neoborn has a good theard on PCT here.. plus you could search for the thrread in running AI's inverse to SERMs...
    My main point is you NEED to get your sh!t together if your ready for PCT and don't have this stuff staight..
    Best of luck and i hope you get dialed in and come out of this well..

  3. here dude, I'm digging stuff up for you..
    I hope some smart bro's help you get straight with your PCT..

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT

  4. neoborns....

    Post Cycle Therapy Suggestion:

    Most Importantly!

    No Excuses & No ***** ***: A Stupid People's Guide to PCT

    SERM + P.C.T Guide

    Now please, anyone is free to discuss this and tell me I've totally got it wrong or need to add something. Now with that said:

    Bloodwork! I cannot / we cannot say this enough that it is highly recommended to get bloodwork so you know how to run your PCT and WHAT you need to run on your PCT.

    1. SERM - Torem, Ralox, Nolvadex etc

    Example Torem Dosing: - As per Interlocutor
    Day 1-5 = 120mg Torm
    Day 6-21 = 60mg Torm
    Day 22-28 = 30mg Torm

    You should monitor this carefully and will most likely bounce back rather quickly with this SERM as per reports given by experienced users on the board. Please someone let me know if this is overkill for Torem

    Example Nolva Dosing:
    Wk1: 40,40,40,20,20,20,20
    Wk2: 20mg everyday
    Wk3: 10mg everyday
    Wk4: 10mg everyday

    I am not sure why anyone would go above these dosages, as per Dinoii, as the large body of studies / material backs up dosages no more than 40mg and mainly focuses on 20mg / 10mg dosage schemes. More is not better

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe.

    3. AI - Formestane(Highly Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or I have used: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

    NON-Rx SERM + P.C.T Guide

    1. Non Rx SERM - Post Cycle Support(Recommended), Sustain Alpha(Recommended)

    2. Cycle Support - Cycle Support(Highly Recommended), Liver Longer, Perfect Cycle, Liv52, NAC, SAMe, Advanced PCT.

    3. AI - Formestane(Recommended), Sustain Alpha(Recommended), 6-OXO / Androstenetrione.

    4. Anti-Cort - X-Lean, Retain 2, Lean Xtreme, 11-OxO, Abliderate (8oz), B-Androstenetriol

    5. Test Booster - Good reviews or have used the following: Sustain Alpha(Recommended), Drive, T-Force, Activate(original).

    All of the products and protocols above are open to discussion. This is not a hard and fast list but a guide to help.

    With that said Epistane style products on a non extreme usage style cycle are going to use a less extreme PCT. Better not to have huge hormonal swinging in either direction. Calm, steady and relative therapy is recommended.

    Things To Note

    1. You will most likely want to run your AI (Formestane) for a month or so after finishing your PCT therapy to make sure you experience no estrogen rebound / flooding. If you run your PCT for four weeks, as you ramp down on your SERM etc ramp up on your Formestane / AI so, to as keep your estrogen under control. There has been talk of SERMs actually exacerbating this problem due to kicking test up too high then *boom!* man boobs!

    2. Once done your PCT, and AI time ramp it down slowly until about one month after PCT

    3. Know what gyno is and the symptoms of gyno: @@@ Gyno Questions - Please Read This First @@@ - Forums

    4. Real Gynomastia Before & After's:

    5. Love your Liver!

    Problems & Answers:

    Currently I don't have a long list of problems / solutions so please feel free to add these to this thread or PM me and I will add them to this area. Please include the problem and solution to the problem that resolved the issue for you! Thanks.


    Q: I am experiencing gyno or gyno symptoms on my "x" cycle, at "x" mg's a dose?

    A: Depending on the dose you are currently taking a boost or upping the dose of Epistane might be needed to really kick in with it's SERM / Gyno reducing effects. Dr.D has seen guys dosing 20-30mg that only have marginal improvement, upped the dosage to 40mg and then seeing good improvement in this area.
    ______________________________ _______________

    Q: What is the best cycle method to reduce my gyno?

    A: The pulse cycle is really meant for training and not really for Gyno reduction. Dr.D suggests an ED cycle for Gyno reduction. Also add a good quality AI during this cycle as well as E2 estrogen levels may rise on a SERM like Epistane.

    ______________________________ _______________

    Q: I am experiencing Gyno type problems on my current cycle should I just stop and go into post cycle therapy?

    A: This would be dependant on how rampant the effects and how close you are to finishing your cycle. Some things that can be done to alleviate the problems are 1) 200mg Motrin 3 x daily 2) AI 2 x daily 3) Nolva 20mg day.

    ______________________________ _______________

    Q: I am not sure what AI's to use if I am prone or very sensitive to Gyno, what do you suggest?

    A: Dr.D suggests that "Stay away from reversible AI's like Letro if you're gyno prone because they can rebound, only use the steroidals like exemestane, ATD, 6-Br, formestane, teslac, etc..".

    ______________________________ _______________

    Q:Where can I find other good gyno related information?

    A: >>>Here<<<


    Q: I am experiencing hairloss on Epistane, what should I do?


    Originally Posted by Originally Posted by BigVrunga
    Genetic expression of MPB differs from person to person. There are many factors involved, and it's believed that DHT activity on the scalp's hair follicle receptors may be the primary culprit in hair loss. It definitely appears to be the case, as DHT inhibiting topicals and systemic treatments seem to have a positive effect for most.

    If you're prone to MPB, and you flood your system with extrgenous androgens, chances are you WILL lose hair for this very reason. When those androgen levels are lowered, the hair should at least stop falling out if you're young enough. It seems that, as males age, the receptors build up increased sensitivity to androgenic alopecia (think about it - as guys get older their test levels decline and yet more hair falls out!). Regrowth will depend entirely on your genetics - if you have a lot of guys in your family that went bald early and you have the same hairline - the androgens may just kick off your MPB a few years early for you.

    Your BEST bet is to prevent the hairloss altogether. Either a.)dont use hormones that can contribute to hair loss or b.)take the proper protective measures.

    For a compound like Epistane, with no 5AR activity, this should be a topical general androgen blocker like 2% Spironolactone 2x/day along with Nizoral shampoo 1x ED. Hitting your scalp with the laser brush for 5-10minutes a day wouldnt hurt either, as it helps create optimal conditions for hair growth.

    Do NOT use a compound like minoxidil unless you're fighting genetic MPB and plan to keep using it forever.

    IMO, if you're worried about hairloss and you're already going bald start a serious hair loss prevention regimen asap. The sooner the better if you want to have any hopes of running hairloss free cycles and intend to keep the hair on your head as long as possible.

    Q: Where can I find some good information to help me stop or slow my hairloss?

    A: See this thread: Hair Loss Prevention

    ______________________________ _______________


    Q: I have already completed a cycle of Epistane can I start another one right after?

    A: The standard protocol for cycling is: Time between cycles = Cycle Time + post cycle therapy in weeks = break between cycles. For example if you were on cycle for 4 weeks + 4 weeks post cycle therapy then it will be 8 weeks ( or more preferably ) before you can start another cycle. Pulsing is a little different that you will add up your "On" days to figure out the equivalent "Off" time you will need.

    Who else can help me with "x" issue or answer my question on "x"?

    Here are some resources to help you if you need more help than this thread can supply:

    * IBE Reps - MMowry, PoopyPants, Neoborn ( update me if I have left anyone out )
    * Threads of good quality info / help - Pulsing Results - How To Pulse - Search The Forums, Keyword "Epistane"
    * The IBE Forums

    If ANYONE has anything they would like to discuss or ANYTHING that they feel is worthy to add to this thread please do not fail to let me know in this thread / PM / Email etc.


    Anything you read posted by Neoborn is purely for entertainment purposes!
    Epistane FAQ | Pulsing Results Thread |Do you know? Have you Heard? Coming Soon from IBE! |



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