Final Hdrol Pct Check

  1. Final Hdrol Pct Check

    Hi just want any feedback on my pct
    done a couple cycles epi bout to start h drol running it six weeks

    all cycle supports and stuff ready to go

    going with otc pct got post cycle support and 6 oxo

    should i through in anything else??? in aus so certain things are hard to get a hold of.

    also want to check 6 oxo dosing ?? so many threads so many different opinions

    any help would be muchly appreciated

  2. I read that 6-Oxo metabolizes into Andro.

    Im doing that cycle mid April and im going to go with Post cycle cupport, Vitamin C, and Lean Extreme for PCT.

    I think that should be fine. Depends on your experience, age, diet and cycle expectations.

  3. 600/500/300/200/100 oxo

  4. Quote Originally Posted by NJbreed View Post
    600/500/300/200/100 oxo
    personally i think that is too much. i think 400/300/200/100 would suffice just fine hes already using PCS as well...

  5. Thanks for the tips there much appreciated just one more quick one
    PCS starting straight away then 6 oxo bout week 3 onwards

    should i be throwing anything else in with pCS at the start

  6. do u have a cortisol blocker?

  7. No
    any suggestions

  8. lean fx

  9. thanks for the tips big papa
    putting all three together whats dosages and time frames like what week for each in your opinion
    thanks again

  10. PCS 1-4 2am 2pm
    Lean Fx 3-6 3 per day 1 upon waking, 1 4-6 hours later, 1 before bed
    6-oxo 3-6 400/300/200/100 with dinner

  11. any reason for the PCS at 2 am??

  12. its 2 in the morning and 2 in the PM for PCS, i think you were mistaken when you read it, however no need to go higher then 300 mg of 0x0 , when you taper it just do it the last few days, E2 levels will return to baseline in 3-5 days anyway.

    our ver own Pembroke has had success running PCS after hdrol, and his blood work came back excellent.

  13. thanks for all the imput guys you have been great

  14. Another satisfied consumer!!!
    Think training's hard,. try losing!


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