6OXO or Post Cycle Support?

  1. 6OXO or Post Cycle Support?

    About to finish my first cycle of Epistane in a few weeks and I already have my PCT supps on hand. I'll be using Clomid 75/50/50/25 and I'm trying to determine whether I should use 6OXO or PCS by AI in week 3 of PCT?? Based upon your experience would it be wise to run the Clomid & PCS weeks 1-4 & start 6OXO in week3 OR.....suggestions? Thanks in advance!

  2. Also, I have Lean Xtreme on hand - I was going to save it for a cutting cycle PCT down the road but if you all think I should pls advise. I could really use some suggestions here, as I want to make sure I do this as good as possible. 6OXO & PCS or just one?

  3. yes use 6-oxo in week 3.

  4. I'm not a fan of suppressing your estrogen further with 6-OXO when coming off of a Epistane cycle. My suggestion would be to use Post Cycle Support (STOKED!) in place of the 6-OXO. You may PM me any questions you may have regarding it, and/or I can point you in the correct direction.
    Good luck.

  5. What about ramping up from a very low dose of 6-oxo...ie. 1 cap (100 mg) week 1, 2 caps week 2, 3 caps week 3, etc, all the way up to 6 caps. 6-oxo is extremely mild at 3 caps per day and below I think

  6. if i used the 6OXO in week 3; what are the dosages you reccommend and should i use the PCS? Homeslice is that advice bro?


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